zondag 20 september 2015

Masterclass Alberto Bustos

International Ceramic Biennial 2015 - Masterclasses

Masterclasses door Alberto Bustos, Spanje, op 14,16,17,18 december 2015 - 10 tot 15 uur
Aantal deelnemers beperkt.
Masterclasses by Alberto Bustos, Spain, on December 14,16,17,18 - 10 pm till 3 am
Limited number of participants.
Locatie/Location : Haacht (B) Community Center

Haacht 14.12 : Full - volzet - complet
IKA Mechelen : 19.12 : Full - volzet - complet

Info : artksp@gmail.com

maandag 7 september 2015

Internationale Glas- & Keramiekmarkt - Marché Internationale de la Verrerie & Céramique 
Internationaler Glas- & Keramikmarkt  - International Glass- & Ceramic Market
In- & outdoor
29 - 05 - 2016

Locatie / Lieu / Ort / Location : 
Gemeenschapscentrum Den Breughel 
(Centre Communal / Community Center Den Breughel)
Wespelaarsesteenweg 85 – B – 3150 Haacht -  Belgium

Outdoor :
Deelnemers huren een kraam van 4 m br. en 2,25 m diepte met tafel van 4 m lengte voor de prijs van € 80.  
Participants louent un étals de 4 m larg. x 2,25 m profondeur  avec une table de 4 m x 1 m au prix de € 80
Teilnehmer mieten einen Marktstand  4 m Br. x 2,25 m Tiefe inclusiv einen 4 m langen Tisch am Preis von € 80  
Participants hire a stall of 4 m long and 2,25 m large including a table of 4 m long for € 80

Indoor : 
Deelnemers huren een binnenruimte met tafel van 4 m lengte voor de prijs van € 80.  
Participants louent l’espace intérieure avec table de 4 m x 1 m au prix de € 80
Teilnehmer mieten einen inner Stand  inclusiv einen 4 m langen Tisch am Preis von € 80  
Participants hire the indoor space including a table of 4 m long for € 80

Markt wordt georganiseerd op 29 mei 2016 (van 10 tot 18 u.)
Vul het aanmeldingsformulier in en verzend – verstuur met afzonderlijke mail 3 foto’s van uw werk (copyright free) naar artksp@gmail.com uiterlijk 10 mei 2016.

Le marché sera organisé le 29 mai 2016 (dimanche de 10 à 18 hrs)
Pour sélection, completez le bulletin d’inscription et renvoyez – envoyez par mail séparé 3 photos de votre travail récent (copyright free) à  artksp@gmail.com  au plus 
tard au le 10 mai 2016.

Der Markt findet statt am Sonntag 29 Mai 2016 (Sonntag von 10 bis 18 Uhr) 
Das Anmeldeformular soll man am spätesten dem 10 Mai 2016 ausgefüllt zurücksenden -  schicken Sie auch 3 Photos Ihrer Arbeit (copyright free) nach artksp@gmail.com.

The Market will take place on Sunday May 29th,2016 (Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm )
For selection, please fill in the form and return – send by separate mail 3 pictures of recent work (copyright free) to artksp@gmail.com before May 10th,2016.

Inlichtingen en reglement - Renseignements et règlement - Auskünfte und Geschäftsordnung - Information and rules.

Betalingen kunnen niet worden terug gevorderd tenzij de markt geen doorgang zou vinden.
De markt begint steeds om 10 u. ; deelnemers worden verzocht tijdig aanwezig te zijn (vanaf 8 u is opstellen  mogelijk).
Publiciteit wordt door de organisator gevoerd via binnen- en buitenlandse vak- en dagbladen, via strooifolders, persoonlijke uitnodigingen…

Les paiements ne sont pas remboursables à l’exception d’annulation du marché. 
Le marché commence toujours à 10 hrs; les participants sont invités de se présenter à temps (installation possible le à partir de 8 heures)
L’organisateur est responsable pour de la publicité dans des revues professionnelles (belges et étrangères), des journaux et par des prospectus.

Die Teilnahmegebühr wird unter keinen Umständen zurück erstattet, es sei denn der Markt findet nicht statt.
Der Markt fängt immer an um 10 Uhr; Teilnehmer werden gebeten zwecks Aufstellung ihres Standes hinreichend früh anwesend zu sein (Aufstellung  am Sonntag ab 8 Uhr möglich). 
Publikationen und werbung sind vorgesehen mittels in- und ausländischer Fachblätter, Zeitungen und Flugblätter. 

Registration fee can  only be refunded in case of annulment of the market.
The market starts every day at 10 am ;participants are requested to arrive on time for the setup (possible on Sunday from 8 am on).

Organiser is responsible publicity campaign in professional journals, daily papers, handbills.

Pics 2015


zondag 6 september 2015


International Paper Art Biennial ( IPAB) 2016 - Haacht - Belgium 
February 20th > 28th, 2016
Organisor : Kunststichting Perspektief vzw (Art Foundation)
Location : Cultural Community Center, Wespelaarsesteenweg 85, B 3150 Haacht.
Artists from over the world will be invited to apply for selection for this prestigious event.
This Biennial offers paper art  artists a unique opportunity to exhibit – it also provides them with an exceptional opportunity to reach new audiences and to network with established collectors and gallery owners.
The IPAB 2016 is a major exhibition targeted at an enthusiastic and art-loving public.
The 2016 edition will be supported by an integrated press and media campaign focussing on broadening contacts with the buying public and increasing foreign interest and participation. 
The IPAB 2016 is organized by the Kunststichting Perspektief vzw (Art Foundation) who is committed to ensuring the high quality, presentation and promotion of an event for those who design and make contemporary paper art.
No entry fee will be charged.
Participation by the artist is subject to the terms and conditions set out below which govern the agreement between exhibitor and the Art Foundation (Kunststichting Perspektief vzw) to the exclusion of any other.
Participation is subject to written acceptance by the Art Foundation.
The exhibitor must comply with all the terms and conditions laid out below. The organizer reserves the right at any time to modify these terms and conditions.
All applicants must be over 18 years of age when applying, with no restrictions regarding 
country or nationality. 
Important : the International Paper Art Biennial is for individual paper art artists - applications from agents or wholesalers are excluded.
Number of works to exhibit will be advised after reading of the file.
(Remark : number of works depending on the measurements e.i. monumental works or smaller s.a. jewelry, small objects..)
No restrictions of form or weight of works.
Works must be created between March 2015 and February 2016 and should not have been exhibited at the International Paper Art  Biennial 2014 (also see : info on behalf of the selected participant) – proposed works should be available and may not be withdrawn from the exhibition. 
At sale of art work a commission of 20 % is due to the Art Foundation.
2 .Application
Applications / registrations are made online either by e-mail or via an online application.
All required information must be filled in correctly in Dutch, French,German or English language.
Deadline for applications : see Calendar item 4.
Submissions of photo’s included in mail or by using services such as wetransfer.com./dropbox..  – photo’s of recent work in an updated website are also acceptable. Receipt of all applications will be confirmed – if not please contact the organozer.
3. Selection
The  independent selection panel must ensure impartial, transparent and fair judging when selecting the works. Organizer must communicate submission results to each individual artist by mail or e-mail. A jury will evaluate the online applications and select the works .
This panel will also draw up a reserve list - should an exhibitor be unable to attend the Biennial or if the registration fee should be late the allocated space will be filled from the reserve list.
Organizer will verify the condition of works after setup.
The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the Biennale statute to ensure a fair and professional event. All changes must be communicated with selected artists. 
Private View will be hosted on Saturday February 20th,2016 from 4 to 5 pm (16 to 17 hrs) (open for public from 5 to 8 pm (17.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs)
4. Calendar
Open call : August 2015
Deadline :  January 10th, 2016
Announcement of selected artists starts early December 2015 for applications already received.
February  18/19/20th : Setup of the Biennial (details and hours to be specified later)
February  20th : preview at 4 pm
February 20th < 28th  : Biennal open for public
February 28th (after 6 pm) or February 29th : retrieval of works (hours to be specified later)

5. Participants
Applicants must agree to provide accurate information and to abide the biennal statute.
Selected artists are allowed to present the works that were selected by the jury or work that is equivalent in quality as proposed. The organizer is entitled to refuse the setup of works if not in accordance with these stipulations.
The organizer has the right to request complete details of any proposed exhibit and reserves the right to prohibit the exhibition of an object that does not meet the requirements of the event. 
If required such objects will be removed from the biennial.
Participants must cover the cost of transportation (to and from the delivery point including costs of custom clearance ) of their work(s) and ensure its appropriate packaging.
6. Stands  Allocation (Floor surface)
The Floor surface for the event will be allocated at the discretion of the organizer – it is not permitted to selected exhibitors to sublet space within the area allocated.
The organiser reserves the right to move “surfaces” and reallocate space previously notified to exhibitors.
7. Installation – Setup
Exhibitors may not store, sale or display material or personal belongings outside the area of their surface. The use of video equipment is not authorised.
Display material (plinths) can be supplied by the organizer  (plinths 30x30 cm – height 100 cm / supports 100 kg) – info on demand.
Food and drinks are not to be consumed or offered on the exhibition floor.
Full refreshment facilities will be available at the Foyer.
Personal set up to be carried out by the selected participants on February 18th,19th or 20th, 2016 (details after acceptance).
Monumental work(s) to be installed by the artist in person.
Smaller works may be shipped in advance by post/courrier DHL,TNT…) to the organizer however only during a specified  delivery period fixed by the organiser. Shipping costs at charge of participating artist.
Important : The Organizer cannot accept liability for loss or damage to exhibitors' property in case of shipment to and from the exhibition hall  of the work(s). Costs of custom clearance or additonal charges will directly be charged to the participants by the organizer and are to be settled before start of the exhibition.
8. Insurance
Insurance of the works during the event will be at charge of the organizer.
9. Security
All exhibition halls/rooms are (outside the exhibition hours) secured by camera and electronic alarm.
10. Catalogue
Exhibition Guide : A full colour exhibition catalogue will feature one picture of an exhibited work at the IPAB 2016 including following information : name of artist, title of work, dimensions, website.
11. Publicity – Promotion
Accepted exhibitors will be expected to give full co-operation to the appointed publicity contractor in attempting to achieve coverage and promotion for the event.
All applicants,participants, artists are invited to attend the official opening of the biennial and
are invited to promote the event in the fullest of their capacities (mail – website – facebook –flyers….)
12. Copyright
In consideration of the Art Foundation assisting exhibitors in promoting their artwork, exhibitors must agree to grant  a non-exclusive copyright licence for any  promotional materials supplied to the Art Foundation  for the purposes of promoting their artwork both nationally and internationally.
In granting this licence exhibitors should be aware that the promotions may include the use of these materials on the internet and that any images supplied may be scanned and held digitally for this purpose. The copyright is and will of course continue to be beneficially and solely owned by the exhibitor, who must ensure that it does not and will not infringe on any other copyright and that no information contained in the materials is or shall be inaccurate, misleading or injurious.
13. Applicable Law
Terms and conditions are governed under Belgian law.
The exhibitor shall be obliged to comply with all statutory, official, professional and other valid accident prevention regulations and other safety requirements during set-up and dismantling of the stand-surface and for the duration of the Biennial.
14. Apply  for  the IPAB 2016 is equivalent to acceptance of the general rules.

Pictures of the 2014 Edition :

International Ceramic Biennial 2015

Bastiaansen Paula                                                                                                              Bustos Alberto